Our international team have learned that Culture, Art, beauty and emotions are what unite us as human beings, beyond borders and differences.

At Target Global , we want to explore the world of Art and Cultural Diplomacy and bring it to Laos and Asia. We are also excited to expose the vibrant cultural life of our region to an international audience.

Bursting with good vibes, Target Global will be a cultural bridge between Laos , Asia and the rest of the world.

Dr Pick Keobandith
Founder and Director of Inspiring Culture / Editor in Chief Target Global magazine

Pick Keobandith holds a PhD in art history from Rennes II, France with her main field of expertise in art and cultural diplomacy. She is particularly interested in intercultural dialogue between nations in order to preserve and strengthen peace. With her international team, she organises events to promote cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between countries. In 2016 she won the Trebbia Award (Czech Republic) for her contribution to dialogue among different cultures for the creation and production of her exhibition ‘Dialogue with Emperor Qin. Exhibition of contemporary sculpture by artists from the EU and China’. This exhibition travelled to 8 Chinese museums and 8 locations in the EU and Georgia; in 2012 the exhibition received the label EU2012 Year of Intercultural Dialogue (EU China).

Last winter 2020 her extraordinary achievement of the 302-page book “Lockdown Journeys – Recipes from around the world” (written  between March and August 2020) received an international praise. Much more than just a recipe book, these ‘Voyages immobiles” are real, friendly, living demonstrations of humanity.