Ketsavanh and Sayasone Panyathip are the proud owners of Le Padaek. This restaurant illustrates their passion for Lao culture and demonstrates the high quality of Lao cuisine. It also shows their desire to pass on the pride of their national dishes to the next generation.They made the decision to open their Lao restaurant in their hometown first and hope to go global in a few years, starting in Europe.
Le Padaek was born in May 2019 in a secret garden. A large wooden door marks the simple entrance. Go through it to discover the restaurant’s dreamlike setting. “Padaek” in Lao is a very important ingredient when cooking Lao food. The owners have put “Le” before Padaek to add a deliberate French note, as they intend their restaurant to have both a Lao and an international feel to it.

Once inside the customer is presented with beautifully arranged dishes of Lao food. International food safety standards are respected and Pao and Toulou hope their clientele will be impressed by the delicious food and want to come back! The menu offers a choice of black or white sticky rice, Khoua mi lao not Pad thaï, Ping Kai (grilled chicken), Khao Poon after Toulou’s grand-ma (kapoon is a spicy vermicelli soup that is also known as Lao laksa. This is a very popular Lao soup that is also eaten in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia). And also classic dishes–larb (Lao meat salad that is the national dish of Laos), green papaya salad, Lao sausages and grilled meats with a side sauce such as jaew marg den (tomatoes and chilli), jaew het (mushrooms), or jaew name pa (fish sauce).
The restaurant is located in Naxay Village, which is really the heart of the capital city Vientiane. Clients feel relaxed and at home in the Le Padaek’s wonderful surroundings of water and lotus ponds. It is a very eco- and family-friendly restaurant with reasonable prices.
Throughout the year adults and children can sign up to cooking classes in Le Padaek, such as the Kanom Lao class (a lao desserts class for children).

Le Padaek. The spirit of Lao food.
Opening hours :
everyday from 11:00 am-10:00 pm.
Ban Naxay, saysettha district Vientiane, Laos

Home 4 Phone: 030 555 7766