By Ketsavanh Vongsay Panyathip

In accordance with both the Chinese and Lao calendars, this is the Year of the Tiger. The BeerLao Tiger Head brand has a fine tiger head logo, which originally comes from Larue beer with the Black Tiger logo (Black Tiger). In ajoint venture with a group of French investors to establish the factories, Larue beer with the Tiger Head logo was launched in 1973.
The investor BGI (Brasseries et Glacières de l’Indochine) had factories in 3 countriesVietnam in the 1930s, Cambodia in 1965 and Laos in 1973. The company had an annual beer production capacity of 3 million litres.
The Tiger Head logo indicates the strength, power and energy of tigers, attracting people to drink the beer for strength.
In 1985, Larue Beer with the Black Tiger logo was changed to BeerLao Yellow Tiger Head, to suggest a more domesticated tiger, who symbolized strength but who was also kind and gentle.

Today the BeerLao company has a variety of products with the Tiger Head logo. It has greatly increased in size and its annual output of beer and non-beer products now stands at 500 million litres.
Products with the Yellow Tiger Head logo are unique to BeerLao, which has up to 90% of the market share in the country. The brand is exported with an international distribution to around 20 countries.
Mr. Kissana VONGSAY, who kindly provided the above information, was the CEO from 1988 to 2016. He grew and developed the Tiger Head logo products. Going beyond the connection with Larue beer and the Black Tiger logo, we might allow a little speculation on the story behind the Tiger Head logo. It may refer to the tigers that roamed the forests of Laos; however, a keen golfer, Mr Kissana Vongsay is also a fan of Tiger Woods! Today the Tiger Head logo is well recognized and familiar to locals and tourists alike. In addition to BeerLao products, Tiger Head drinking water is now a premium product that has up to 70% of the market share in the country.
In this Year of the Tiger, Laos can be proud of its own company brand with the Tiger Head logo.